I am a dedicated, independent young woman who works to become economically proficient, involved in international community service and outreach missions, and achieve a career in diplomacy as a foreign service officer. I plan to attend law school after finishing my Dual-Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science at Florida International University and study International Law with a concentration in Human and Civil Rights. My interest also lies in International Trade Law and Economics.

As an undergraduate student at Florida International University, I have worked to excel not only through academic achievement, but also prominent leadership and activism executing my progressive ideas within the FIU, Miami, and Broward County community of student leaders. I am and have been involved in several student organizations on campus including: Sigma Iota Beta Rho; the most prestigious International Relations honor society chapter at FIU, Model United Nations, the National Residence Hall Honorary Golden Panther Chapter at FIU, and The Beacon/FIU Student Media.

I’ve had the honor of being awarded Dean’s List candidacy since I began my academic career at FIU, and have been given the opportunity to participate in FIU’s National Residence Hall Honorary Golden Panther Chapter by being named part of the top 1% of all FIU residents. I have also been awarded several scholarships by FIU’s Student Government Association based on academic merit and financial need.

I am actively seeking a Dual-Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science. I am fluent in both English and Spanish, have a limited working proficiency in American Sign Language, and an elementary proficiency in Arabic; which I am currently learning and pursuing as her third fluent language. I am also seeking certificates in Middle Eastern Studies, Languages and Cultures of North Africa, Human Rights and Political Transitions, and Women’s and Gender Studies. Due to the variety of areas of concentration presented in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences, I find it hard to center my interests in one subarea or subtopic. I have great interest in Anthropology and its application to international thought and international conflict studies.

Now a junior at FIU, I have proposed a thesis project under the field of international relations and comparative politics. My project lies its roots in my home country of Ecuador. I am proposing a detailed on-the-ground study about the roots of Ecuadorian indigenous political identities and their mobilization during the post-imperial period in comparison to its vivacity during the implementation of Neoliberalism under democratic transition and how this has and continues to affect state formation and consolidation in Ecuador under the new constitution passed in 2008. My research is to be written from an integrative perspective that includes both pubic transcripts, documents, and recollections of indigenous prominence and struggle, while inserting real-life tangible interviews with current indigenous leaders as recollections of their recent political activity during the Correa administration. Additionally, I am seeking current statements from The Ecuadorean Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (CONAIE) on their active political agenda during the Moreno administration and how they will mobilize to accomplish such goals and triumphs for the indigenous community.

This project has grown and continues to grow everyday from questions about identity and ancestry that I ask myself about my personal roots and attachments to the state in which I was born in. There are a lot of conflicting Socio-Cultural themes that outline the most intense historical recollections I hold to my ancestry and past, which I wish to also study about while I execute this project abroad this upcoming Fall.

It is also a pleasure and honor to be spending this Fall in Quito, Ecuador as I study abroad at Universidad San Francisco de Quito while I execute my research project and focus on writing my thesis. The classes I have chosen for Fall semester include “Sociedades Amazonicas”/Amazonian Societies, “Movilidades e Identidades”/Mobilities and Identities, “Politica de la Desigualdad”/ Inequality Policy, and “Derechos Humanos”/Human Rights. I feel strongly that these subjects will expand my understanding of political science, international thought, development, and socio-cultural relations.

I will be updating this page as time passes and I take on new adventures and embark in new opportunities. I stay believing in hope and change, even if it is small in margin. I believe in the fight for social justice and equality, and the importance of intersectionality when approaching issues such as racism, feminism, equality, inclusion, and justice.